Baddest birds on the blockchain



1 $FLAP = 1 $FLAP

Each avian held will allow the holder to receive a multitude of utilities that will be announced and explained more thoroughly over time. Owning an avian will allow you to claim $FLAP tokens regularly. Your tokens will reward you in game, in the real world, and in the metaverse. Expect loads of airdrops and unlockables ranging from in game cosmetics, other generations of Arcane Avians NFTs and collaborations with other projects. That is just a taste of what is to come. We strive to be a community based project first and foremost and are determined to reward members within the community as much as possible. Expect a ton of collaborations over time and frequent updates and engagement. we have a lot planned and hope our holders have fun along the way.


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What are Arcane Avians?

Baddest birds on the blockchain. Arcane Avians is a collection of 4444 completely unique birds made up of hundreds of traits. Staking and the earning of $FLAP (our token) will be available immediately upon minting, as well as instantly revealing. The tokens will be used for everything Arcane Avians related and more. We want to continue building and allow our community to play a huge role in everything as we would be nothing without them and we wish for everyone's voice to be heard no matter what the subject contains. We currently have a mini-game on our website that anyone can play to earn a Whitelist spot upon scoring 15 points as a small interactive way to earn a free mint. We plan to make this as fun and as benefiting as possible for everyone.

When can we mint?

Dec. 29th 9:00 AM EST




444 Whitelist spots, WL = free mint

Public Price?

0.005 ETH

How to mint an Arcane Avians NFT?

Download and sign up with MetaMask if you haven't already done so and then send ETH to your MetaMask wallet. Make sure to send yourself enough to cover both the mint price and the gas fee.

How many avians will there be?

4444 in total

How many can we mint?

Whitelist- 1 per wallet

Public- 5 per wallet

When is reveal?